tiistai 24. elokuuta 2010

Newer batch

Rachel and little ragdoll Ao. Might finish this someday.

This was supposed to be Melodi when I didn't know much about his/her's outlook.

Creepy thing what looks like lady gaga. Unfinished because I hate gaga :|

Sketch what never got finished

My steampunk girl Alice. I was supposed to finish this, but got bored of it. Might finish this some day.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oh gosh! *u* It's really nice to see these sketches of yours~ *noms* Looking to hotdamn nice and since you make them on the puter they don't get shared around. ;o For shame!

  2. Ohgod I love your painting and your lines Q__Q *noms at you* Even your sketches are beyond beautiful! Sheesh >:[ <3